Artist Statement

I started painting as a child.  We were fortunate then to have Fine Art programs and supplies at both the elementary and secondary schools.  I thrived in this atmosphere.

I enjoy acrylics and watercolors very much but my real love is oil on canvas.  I love to work on large canvases, generally, 36X36, and like the look of what is called "Gallery Wrap" where the thickness of the canvas allows the artist to paint around the edges so that when you first view a painting from the side, it carries you right to the front in a unique and interesting way. 

I am very intrigued by the play of light and shadow and very much enjoy enhancing the contrast between the two.  The use of complimentary colors to bring out the depth of each is a wonderful tool.  I enjoy landscapes but am also very interested in historic buildings, hence the "Old Town Chester" paintings.  I love detail but also enjoy a freer, looser technique.  Flowers are wonderful but also I like off-beat paintings such as "Lunch ??" in the miscellaneous section, featuring 3 martini glasses in front of a window.

With the exception of some commissions, I paint only from photos that I have taken (and usually from several of the same scene) since I need to feel and sense what is around the subject to give the painting a sense of reality or what I call, "a sense of place".

Enjoy looking at my work and please contact me at if you have any questions or comments.